‘I’m so happy I came out with it’ – Dyer praised after revealing abuse

Kieron Dyer made his England debut in 1999 shortly after joining Newcastle for £6m

Former England midfielder Kieron Dyer says strangers have stopped him in the street to commend him for revealing he was sexually abused as a child.

The ex-Newcastle player, 39, revealed the 20-year secret – which he says has “blighted his life” – in his new book.

“One man said he had a secret for 45 years and after seeing my story he told his family the next day,” said Dyer, who won 33 caps for England.

“If that’s the impact I can have, then I’m so happy I came out with it.”

Dyer told BBC Sport: “I’ve had about 10 random strangers come up to me on the street and people at Ipswich Town come up to me and say ‘you are very brave because this happened to me and now I’m in a situation where I can talk about it’.”

Dyer was abused by a great uncle when he was 11 or 12 years old and his story has been revealed

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